How Will Facebook Marketing Change Now?

The recent scandals around Facebook and targeted advertising have the potential to cause a major shRelated imageakeup in the way that the platform runs its digital marketing tools. This could have major consequences for digital marketing consultants and anyone else who uses the platform or other online advertising tools to identify and reach potential customers. In this article, we’ll outline the impact the the drip feed of bad news has had so far and outline the changes that Facebook may choose to make in response to what has happened.

To cut a long story short, Facebook has discovered that a number of people were abusing its advetising tools recently. In response, the company has announced changes to the way that people can be targeted on the platform and to the type of data that is available. So far, there have been few changes for any people who were already following the spirit of the rules that Facebook lays down. However, it is likely that other changes are in the pipeline.

One of the changes could be the removal of the ability to target individuals based on their email address. Whilst anonymous targeting based on website visitors has been available for years, customer match advertising is a much more recent and controversial area. There is every chance that Facebook, fearing a backlash from the people that use its platform every day, could make sweeping changes to the way that this system works.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Facebook will give marketers a notice before any of these changes happen. Therefore, it’s important that you have alternative marketing plans in place and don’t become totally reliant on one platform. Make sure that your digital marketing strategy is resilient enough to deal with these issues, and you’ll face far fewer scares and problems like this in future.