Is Lead Advertising the Next Big Thing?

As more and more people start using mobile phones for their day to day web browsing, it’s becoming slightly more difficult to get people to your website in order to capture their information. Facebook and LinkedIn think that they have come up with a solution to this problem in the form of lead capture advertsImage result for Is Lead Advertising the Next Big Thing?. This allows advertisers to capture information about prospects without them even having to leave the social platform that they’re using; everything takes place within the Facebook or LinkedIn app. Better still, a significant amount of the information will be prefilled based on the information that a social network already knows about someone.

Facebook, in particular, has made a number of changes recently that have pushed up the cost of advertising for companies. Consequently, it is trying to find ways of offering more value to customers that use its advertising platform. Lead ads are an excellent example of this, and if your business is reliant on generating leads through its website rather than eCommerce sales, it could be an excellent option for you.

The primary drawback of lead ads as they currently stand is that the type of information that you can gather is limited by the platforms. Unsurprisingly, the type of information offered by Facebook lead ads is more suited to B2C advertisers, whereas B2B promoters will probably be more comfortable with the information available from LinkedIn. Neither is perfect, however, and it’s likely that both networks will continue to refine how the product works in future- both to address privacy concerns and to make sure that their advertisers feel like they are getting value from the ever increasing amount that they are having to spend on their campaigns. Overall, lead ads could be a valuable part of any digital marketing campaign and are well worth considering.