Is the Mobile Web About to Take Over?

Since the iPhone made its debut in 2007, the digital marketing world has been full of stories about the coming to an end of traditional desktop computing. However, despite these doom-laden warnings, most people continue to design their websites with traditional computer users in mind. That’s probably because most web designers do their work on traditional computers rather than phones- but is this a form of madness or reluctance to abandon the desktop actually a sensible decision? In this article, we’ll examine the recent trends around desktop vs. mobile and what the future actually holds.

What Are People Doing on Their Mobiles?

While mobile internet usage is definitely on the way up, that doesn’t mean that people are doing absolutely everything on their mobile phones. People who run digital marketing campaigns for B2B websites, for instance, still report that the majority of traffic comes from desktop computers. This tends to be the case with websites that see the majority of their access during working hours. Conversely, if your website is popular at evenings and weekends, then there’s every chance that you’ll want to consider a mobile first website design.

Image result for Local Vs. Web BusinessesLocal Vs. Web Businesses

If the purpose of your website is to attract people to come to your shop, restaurant, or other local business, then you’ll want to think carefully about the design that you use. People who visit your website on their mobiles are probably looking for a specific kind of information. You’ll also want to make sure that the website is as clutter-free and easy-to-load as possible as Irish mobile internet speed can still be on the slow side.

In every case, making the right website design decision comes down to the experience your visitors expect. Get that right and you’re much more likely to build a successful site.