Google’s Mobile First Index is Finally Here

Image result for Google's Mobile First Index is Finally HereIt’s been a long time in coming but Google has finally begun to roll out its mobile first index. This will have major consequences for anyone running a digital marketing campaign in Ireland who hasn’t yet got round to optimising their website for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. If you haven’t checked whether your website makes the grade in the search giant’s new mobile first index, then read on for some tips and insight.

What Is the Mobile First Index?

To put it simply, Google is now judging every page based on how it looks on a mobile phone. If your website offers a terrible mobile experience, or simply doesn’t work on mobile devices and tablets, then your ranking will suffer accordingly. The mobile first index changes the status quo by applying this logic to all searches regardless of whether they were made on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. This means that the old get out clause of not caring about mobile website optimisation because none of your users come from mobile devices no longer applies.

Your website needs to provide a good mobile experience otherwise your ranking, and therefore your traffic, will start to fall. This could quickly become a major problem for your website, especially if you rely on Google and organic search in general for the majority of your traffic.

There’s no point in running a digital marketing campaign that has a focus on SEO if your mobile user experience simply doesn’t make the grade. Getting your website ready for mobile could be a simple matter of making a few basic switches, or it may be a more complex matter. Whatever the case, it’s imperative that you start work now before your website’s ranking really starts to suffer. You may well regret it if you don’t!