Bing Ads Is Now Taking the Fight to Google

Image result for Bing AdsBing Ads has always been something of the poorer sibling in the online advertising world when compared to the absolute giant, Google Ads. However, the tech team behind Bing Ads has recently been working hard on a number of innovations and, in one crucial case, they’ve managed to beat Google to market with a significant new feature. In this article, we’ll reveal what that crucial new feature is and how you can use it to get the most out of your paid search advertising campaign.

Similar Audiences

Matched audiences have been a part of paid search advertising for years. Upload a list of people and both Google and Bing will allow you to bid more or less to show your ads to them or exclude them from your campaigns entirely. Now, Bing is taking a leaf out of Facebook’s book and allowing you to use these matched audiences to find new people. The similar audiences feature will take any list that you upload and identify the people in Bing’s universe who are most similar. The most obvious case for this is to upload a list of your existing customers and ask Bing to find similar people. After all, new customers are likely to be similar to the people who are already using your services.

Long-term Outlook

This is the first time that Bing has beaten Google to market with a significant new feature, and it’s no surprise that the people there were fairly pleased. Whether this will last or not, the fact remains that Bing finally has a unique selling point that will encourage advertisers to spend more money with it. Alongside a generally lower cost per click than Google and an easy-to-use interface, there’s every chance that more Irish digital marketing consultants will start to consider using Bing in the coming weeks and months.