Are PPC Prices on the Rise?

If you’ve been part of the world of digital marketing for a while, it probably won’t escape your notice that the price you’re paying for each click on one of your Google or Bing ads seems to be going up. If you’re new to the world of digital and are looking for an Irish digital marketing consultant or training service for the first time, then you’ll probably have noticed that things are a little more expensive than you’d been led to believe. While mobile advertising was certainly a cheaper option when it made its debut things have changed recently and mobile clicks can now cost even more than their desktop or tablet equivalents in certain circumstances. However, there are still several ways of delivering high quality leads to your website at a relatively low cost using PPC advertising. In this article, we’ll take a look at a one of them.

Call ads

While driving a visitor to your website is no guarantee of a conversImage result for Are PPC Pricesion – a visitor who makes a phone call is much more likely to be interested in your products or service. Fortunately, both Google and Bing now allow you to cut out the middleman (in this case, your website) from the process and generate that call directly from the search results page. This allows you to engage with an entirely different kind of client and even people who would not have bothered to browse your website on a mobile device. When you’re setting up a call only ad – be sure that you are going to attract new business through your choice of keywords. There is no point in using your precious digital marketing budget to pay for calls from customers or staff who would have done a bit more digging to find your telephone number without your help.