SEO is about much more than just the words on your website these days. Google has recently made a number of updates to the way it ranks websites, meaning that the speed at which your pages load and the overall design and ease of use of the website are now more important than ever. If you’re not taking these factors into account, then there’s every chance that the ranking of your website will suffer no matter what you do when it comes to design. In this article, we’ll outline a few steps that you can take to ensure that your website isn’t punished by Google’s algorithms and a few questions to ask your chosen digital marketing consultancy service provider to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

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Google has put together a site speed test tool that allows you to find out just how quickly its robots can load your website. Not only will it give you a ranking in terms of time, but it will also tell you how your website compares to others. It’s even worth putting a few of your competitors through their paces in order to find out whether your site is faster or slower. If it’s slower, then the test will give you some advice that will help make things better.

Mobile Optimisation

If your site doesn’t work well on mobiles, then Google won’t like it; it’s that simple. Try out your site on a few phones to see how easy it is to use and if there are any obvious improvements you can make. Beyond that, it’s well worth doing a little bit of digital marketing training or getting a consultant involved to see if there is any professional insight that could help to give your website the ranking boost it deserves.