Image result for Google Gets Serious About SpamEven if you were a complete SEO master three or five years ago, the game has changed so much in recent years that you may feel like you’re starting from scratch. If this is the case for you, we’d highly recommend that you get a digital marketing consultant in Ireland or a training service involved. However, if you’d like to bring yourself up to speed with what’s been happening, then this guide is for you. Here’s a rundown on what’s been happening in the world of SEO over the last five years:

Google Gets Serious About Spam

Once upon a time, it was fairly easy to game Google’s search rankings as you could stick a few spammy links all over the internet, make sure the anchor text is right, and get yourself near the top of the rankings for your chosen search term. Unsurprisingly, Google took a pretty dim view of people doing this and started to make major changes to the way its search algorithm worked in order to catch up with people who thought they could game the system. This means that the techniques that used to turn Google into a goldmine are now actively counterproductive and should be avoided at all costs. If you used them in the past, you may need to invest some time into undoing the damage that you did.

Instead, you should focus on building quality content that people actually want to read. Things have got much better for honest website owners in recent years because Google has got much better at recognising genuinely high quality and useful content. The trick is in finding an Irish digital marketing consultant who understands that things have changed, and this can help you to build a website that works with Google rather than against it. That way, your business will be on its path to success.